Transformational Life Coaching - You can create the life you've always wanted
                   Transformational Life Coaching
            Getting From Here to There With Ease and Joy

              What is Transformational Life Coaching?

Transformational Life Coaching is all about change, empowering you to consciously choose to create the changes you most want in any area of your life. Opportunities are endless. Possibilities are limitless. You  are wired for expansion and realization. You can be all you've imagined yourself to be.

Working together, I will help you create the life you’ve always wanted. Through a spiritually-oriented approach with grounded applications in daily life, honoring all that you are, we will uncover the gem that is you, one that is... .                
                    empowered, enlivened, creative, inspired and fulfilled.
                                           THIS IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT 

We begin right where you are now. By enhancing your awareness and strengthening your will, you will be able to gain the clarity and confidence you need to make the life changes that call to you personally, professionally and spiritually. As you commit to this process you will be able to create and implement a plan of action that feels comfortable and ideally suited to your goals and dreams in alignment with your life purpose, meaning and values.

As my own life has progressed and grown, I have moved into a time of renewal and change. And as the fresh scent of awakening has moved and inspired me, there has been a shift in my work. After over 30 years working as a transformational therapist, educator and healer, I am now Certified as a Transformational Life Coach. This is my offering to you.
                                What Can We Achieve Together?

Clear the path for
                      Honoring who you are and what you want
                            Inner shifts lead to outer manifestation with
                                No end to possibilities for transformation and      

                                         My Commitment to You

I will assist you in aligning your intention with your actions so that you can reach your goals. I will help support and motivate you in taking your next steps. I will suggest tools and strategies to help you deepen in self  awareness and reach your goals. I will help you identify your natural gifts and strengths so that you find expression for them and fulfillment through them. And, I will help you to let go of  whatever is holding you back from being, doing and having all that you desire. 

                                               You Are A Creator

Through your words and actions you are continually making choices which create your reality. If today is the day to begin making life changes in any area that calls to you, supported by what you most value, then now is your moment to say yes to you.
"Yes" is the welcoming statement which  opens the door to aligning body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

I am here to guide you in manifesting your creation. I can meet with you wherever you live, in person or via Skype or phone. I look forward to hearing from you.

Meredith (Mira) Maislen 

Certified Life Coach, M.Ed., LCSW
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